The aim of the course is to help students gain understanding of the artificial intelligence (AI) as the essential tools in pursuing the digital transformation journey, through the discussion of Artificial Intelligence basics, applications and tools with use cases in various areas of an enterprise including sales and marketing, customer service, operations, risk management and other support functions. While applications in different sectors will be explored, those for the banking industry will be highlighted. Students will also look at the issues and challenges of adopting Artificial Intelligence technologies in addition to its benefits, and learn the implementation aspect of digital transformation. This course is designed to prepare students to take part in digital transformation projects involving Artificial Intelligence technologies in different roles such as a business user, solution analyst, project manager and Artificial Intelligence solution provider.

At the end of this course, students will:
  • Explain the basics, applications and tools of artificial intelligence
  • Show the essence of digital transformation concepts and approach, and organizational readiness for adopting Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • Describe the real-life use cases and the related Artificial Intelligence solutions