The course offers a descriptive, predictive and prospective view of the current state of the “Business Analytics” discipline. It goes through all the fundamental chapters, illustrating the scientific foundations, the challenges and presenting examples of specifically relevant games, applications and platforms. In each of the aspects mentioned above, a clear distinction is made between the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of this discipline.
With reference to each category that is included in the “Business Analytics” discipline, the best practices will be identified and classified during the scientific seminar. The importance of formulating correct requirements for solving specific tasks will be analysed in each section. The critical skills required for this qualification will be highlighted. The most important applications will be practiced and critically analysed – games, programs, platforms for each subject.

At the end of this course, students will:
  • Be able to identify in-depth analysis, interpretation and development of business administration concepts, in correlation with information technology trends.
  • Perform constructive interpretation and adaptation of business ideas to the European context.